Can I create a printable grid in LibreOffice Draw?

I want to create an A3 size graph paper with 1cm spacing. Is there an easy way to do this?

What’s easy?

Set a 1 cm - grid.

Set snap to grid, start with a line, copy it and paste it abouit 5 times, bring the copies in position (aligned), group them, copy and paste again…
You have the (say) horizontal part of the grid, best as a group of single lines. Ungroup it temporarily again, select about the number you need for the vertical lines, copy them, paste them, rotate them by 90°, group them dilate the group as needed. …

You see in less than 5 min you will have your grid paper. That’s about what I needed to write the guide.

Well here is one in A4.

Many thanks for this info. I’ll give that a try.