Can I create an Index (or Contents) from a list?

As per the title. I have a 140 page document with 880 key words I would like to include in a Libreoffice Index. All the instructions online talk about selecting wordsindividually when creating Indexes (or Contents), but…880 of them.

I did think maybe a Concordance file is what I am looking for but cannot find a simple example.

Any thoughts anyone, please.

As requested: LO Version:, running on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 using ODT format & the document is just a text document - not sure what to say about “structure of document”, sorry.


User-Defined Indexes

All is not in the title as, like in every application, there is a conventional glossary were words like “contents” or “list” have a specific definition which is not the same as every lay man. Similarly, you have a goal but you didn’t clearly describe it nor your context (structure of existing document).

You are encouraged to edit your question to improve it and mention both OS name, LO version and save format (.doc(x) or .odt). Note that most recipes will work only for native .odt format.

The quickest solution, not involving manual markup of your document, is to use a concordance file. The procedure is as follows:

  1. where tou want your alphabetical index, Insert>TOC & Index,>TOC, Index or Bibliography
  2. in the Type tab, select Alphabetic Index from the Type: drop-down menu
  3. tick Concordance File
  4. select New from the drop-down menu

Enter a few words to begin to populate your file. It is tedious to enter 880 keywords manually. If you have your list already in a file, save the concordance file and quit LO.

Open the concordance file (extension .sdi) in any text editor, not Writer (or else be wise enough to save as plain text, but the process is error-prone). Have a look at how the keywords are encoded, one per line.
Then either merge your list into the .sdi file, or add the flags to your list. The flags and attributes are separated by semicolons.
When your concordance file is ready, reopen your document with Writer and refresh the alphabetical index.

Warning! User-defined indexes are not alphabetical indexes but secondary TOCs. Consequently, entries will appear in document order and identical entries won’t be merged together. I think OP is looking for an alphabetical index.

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Thankyou so much. That makes the help files online so much easier to understand.

An addendum for anyone else who looks at this solution:
The Concordance file I used was a text file (.sdi) with a list of my words as below:
And etc. for 880 lines. The 1 being because I wanted case sensitive index.

I did not include all the other stuff you asked for because I was using the latest Libreoffice, and ODT files - nothing out of the ordinary for this forum, I assumed. But I understand: so LO Version:, running on Ubuntu Mate 20.04. may be the latest release available with Ubuntu 20.04 (already two years old) but not the latest today. For example, in my distro, this is,7.4.x is already current in other distros and 7.5.x is already showing in the horizon. So, never say “I’m using the latest release”. This doesn’t mean anything and you may get incorrect answers because LO is under continuous evolution. Even the menu structure changes with time and a suggestion may not be valid with your version. Also new features may be added or others obsoleted. Consequently, always mention the exact release you’re using.

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