Can I create new record by checking a checkbox ?

I am trying to make some statistics for a darts club.

I have a table for members and one for points, I have linked the Id from members to my point table, to indicate what player gets the point. I need the point table to have an entry of points scored for each training session.

My problem is that it needs to be fool proof (user friendly?)
I have hoped to make a checkbox for those who are present, and then my subform with the point table should create a new record, so it’s between hard and impossible to edit previous records.

Is this even possible?


So there are some items in your question which are confusing. Member table - seem like just info on each member. Points table - Seems like one entry per member per training session OR is it an entry for each time a point is made (ie: one throw of a dart).

Now where here is the attendance table? Seems this is missing. Don’t know how or if you want this to tie into points.

Your requests (fool proof (user friendly?),between hard and impossible to edit previous records) are kind of far fetched. You can set a form to allow entry of New records only. You still need some method somewhere to edit the records in case mistakes are made. How this new record is created is dependent upon what you are proposing - total or individual points. May require a macro to generate depending upon sophistication wanted.

Creating a new record by checking a checkbox would probably require a macro. But this is another confusing issue as to why not just select a member.

It may be best to explain the step by step process you are looking for.