Can I display file & data attributes, Just need confirmation what is requested in details below

  • I want to be able to convert a MS Word document Version x.123 to LibreOffice,
  • convert that LibreOffice file to a text file (similar to an HTML file) with all the text, text attributes and file attributes,
  • send that attribute file via the internet to another location who can
  • reconvert that LibreOffice attribute file to the original MS Word document version x.123 file.

This is not a frivolous inquiry and is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I just need confirmation that this can be done. I suspect I may need to have to pay a developer make this happen. (905) 846-1233 (800) 458-3089

MS Word document Version x.123 ? :slight_smile:

meant to indicate various versions

Just say’n: Googling the 800 number takes one here:

Use the “flat odt” .fodt format. It’s technically plain text, but loaded with LibreOffice Writer it is interpreted as it would be if saved as .odt. The receiver may then use LibO to export the document to any supported MS format. As there are differences in the models, there may always be details that don’t exactly map (re-map) to the alien format. You never can get “the original MS Word file” by any means, I’m afraid.

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