Can I download a document created on LibreOffice onto a flash drive of memory stick?

When I create a document on LibreOffice, it’s on the same page as all my other documents I’ve saved, but I’m having trouble downloading my other documents onto a flash drive or memory stick.

Providing you have write access to the memory stick, which is the normal default, there is no problem. If it is a new document you can chose FILE > SAVE or SAVE AS and then select the stick and the folder on that stick and name the file. If it is an existing document you can use FILE > SAVE AS. On my system I need to SELECT FORMAT (.odt) on the file save panel.

I use this option all the time for my various USB memory sticks.

CORRECTION Sorry late at night… when I wrote EDIT should have been FILE, my mistake. Thanks @khanson679

Edit? Not File?

You can just save any file from LibreOffice to an USB/Flash drive, as long you have access.

There is even a portable version of LibreOffice available, if you put that on your USB-stick along with the files you can work on almost any (Windows) PC to edit your files, even when it’s owner don’t use LibreOffice.

You can finde the portable version here:LibreOffice Portable Fresh (full-featured office suite) |