Can I download Microsoft Works here?

I have docs on Works that I can’t open because I no longer have the software. I need a safe place to download Works. Can I do that here, I’m not finding a download link.

thank you!

What formats do you need to open?

I think you would need to try Microsoft, but don’t expect it to be available to download.

This is a common problem with proprietary document formats.

I did see this Apache openoffice page that might help
link text

You might be able to open with Microsoft Office and save in a more recent or open format. I think you can get a trial version of Office 365 from Microsoft.

hi there Mark, thanks for answering. I have Office.

  1. Is this link safe?

  2. If that’s not safe, what do I click on in Office to get Works?


Try this link for using office to open works files. I think its for office 2007, but doesn’t look like it requires download from internet.
link text

Thanks Mark but it’s not working. I can’t even do the first step because I can’t find that icon. I have Windows 10. I rather download, it’s too confusing. Can you tell me if this link is safe? That’s all I want to know. The link below. Thank you

Sorry, I have no way to confirm if that link is safe. Even if I download and try it without seeing a problem it doesn’t mean its safe on your system or sometime in future does something bad.

You could try converting the .wps files to .odt with an online converting service like for example cloudconvert. Then use LibreOffice to open the .odt:s.