Can I easily display a LibreOffice database table in formatted html?

I have a MySql database in WAMPP server.
I’ve had no success directly connecting to it from LibreOffice, because I was hoping to have an easy to manage front end without having to use phpMyAdmin.

My idea is now to use LibreOffice Database, but I’ll still need to be able to display my tables in styled & formatted html document that can be viewed as a webpage on my server.

Can someone help me with that?


P.S. OK, I’ve gone back to trying to connect to my MySql database on WAMPP using the JDBC driver. If anyone has been able to do that, I’ll accept help along that line. I can’t even get the driver installed and working correctly at all.

Please add your operating system.

The ‘W’ in WAMPP should indicate ‘Windows.’

Otherwise, using LO Base, my approach would be to set up a report as a table view and export that report to HTML. I suspect using PHP or Perl would be the better approach however.