Can I edit a pasted spreadsheet in Writer?

I just pasted a little portion of a spreadsheet into a writer document.

It never seems to settle down and just become part of the document, though it has lost all the cell outlines.

When I tried to bold a number I’d forgotten to bold it just goes into ‘Move’ mode and wants to follow my cursor around.

How do I deal with that?



Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular:

pasted a little portion of a spreadsheet



if you need to edit a spreadsheet inserted as OLE-object you need to double click first to activate the OLE object.

Hope that helps.

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Note also that starting with 6.2, Calc tables are inserted as native Writer tables by default.

@mikekaganski - The addition by default confuses me, since I immediately recognize an OLE object in Navigator, when performing CTRL+C a range in Calc and CTRL+V in Writer (as usual: fresh new user profile, using LibreOffice / Linux / KDE and tested this way before posting)

Possibly there was some incremental work, and I should have checked better; I now recall that in 6.2, only pasting into existing tables was implemented as native table data; testing today with, I saw that pasting Calc data into blank Writer document already produced new native table, so I must had confused myself (and others). Sorry.