Can I edit the value of a cell from formula bar if cell is not activated?

Is there a way to edit cell value without activating it first? I would like to set the cell E3 to value 6 and I tried to put the code E3=6 to the formula bar while the cell A1 was activated but it didn’t work.


No - you can’t put a value into a cell without selecting the respective cell. But you can select a cell (or a whole range) without scrolling by entering the reference into the Name Box leftmost in the formula bar and ENTER


  • Enter A128 into the Name Box
  • Press ENTER key (cell A128 gets selected)
  • Type 5 into the formula bar

image description

Hope that answers your question.

If you move the view using the scroll bars subsequently to having put the focus on the cell, the focus doesn’t change. This way you can edit the content of a cell using the formula bar while the cell itself is outside the view - and probably something else you want to see during editing is inside.

To access the Name Box, also can press Ctrl+Shift+T.