Can I export my document in PDF/X or PDF/X-1a? And will it embed the fonts used in the doc?

I need to upload my doc to a Print on Demand service and they want a PDF/X or, preferably, PDF/X-1a, with the fonts embedded. Can I do this in Writer? I can’t figure out how.

Click File - Export as - Export as PDF . In the dialogue box that opens go through the tabs to make sure you have selected all the options you need.

Note that not all fonts can be embedded, some have licensing restrictions that prevent embedding.

Check your exported pdf in Adobe reader, in particular File - Properties - Fonts to see off all fonts embedded. If you are using standard fonts it shouldn’t be an issue

The Export as PDF dialog does not offer any options for PDF/X!
What I see is either standard PDF which will be PDF 1.7.
Or I can use PDF/A as PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b or PDF/A-3b.

There is no option around to use PDF/X, right?

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There isn’t colour management for LibreOffice so I guess PDF/X would be irrelevant. There is no bleed or trim either, PDF/X - Wikipedia

Consider using Scribus, see

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ok - it’s probably too much then to ask for color management within LO. But isn’t there a Direct Colour Management extension for LO?

Thanks for suggesting Scribus. I just give it a try. Initial contact is not MacOS like - obviously it’s Linux open source. But the learning curve there seems to be much steeper. There are no real content dependent command options. I even fail to apply such simple tasks as tabs and indents by numbers or apply bold formatting to text.

However, the import of an .odg file worked surprisingly well. It did not know about a font and it corrupted paragraph breaks plus line spacing. But the main data has been there.

You need the properties dialogue open somewhere in Scribus.

Well inDesign isn’t all fun and games either. They both have a lot of power and the ability for subtle effects too but do need time to learn how to control them.

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