Can I find and replace without losing the capitalisation of some words?

When I do find and replace sometimes, it is quite annoying that the find function finds both capitalised and lower-case examples of the entered text, but when it replaces it then replaces all of the words with the exact text that was in the replace box.

For instance in a document that I was checking, the word ‘cell’ was consistently spelled ‘sell’, so I wanted to do a find and replace. However, a few sentences or section headings started with the word ‘Sell’, and of course I would like to change them to ‘Cell’ also with a capital. However, the find and replace function found the word ‘Sell’ and replaced it with ‘cell’, with a lower case ‘c’ and not the upper case ‘C’ that I would have liked.

Is there a way to do this change without doing a two stage change of specifying ‘Match case’ in the find and replace box, and then doing find and replace once for ‘cell’ and then again for ‘Cell’?

Thanks for any help.

I am using LibreOffice on a Linux system

OpenSuse 13.1
English (UK)


There is an extention that might do your desired job. It is called AltSearch.

One of the features is:

“Multiple search and replacement in one step”

I hope that helps.

Brilliant! Thanks a lot. That is just what I needed.

@TranslatorBJ Glad I could help.