Can I fix the problem with toggling "change case" via a keyboard shortcut?

I am using LO on Windows 10. I have a keyboard shortcut to toggle case, which I use to toggle the case of text in a part of a paragraph that I have highlighted. It used to work fine (probably in an earlier version of LO). Now, while it does toggle the case in the highlighted text correctly, it also changes all upper case first letters of words to lower case throughout the entire paragraph. This make the shortcut worthless. Is there some way to fix this?

EDIT: You can reasign the keyboard shortcut (Shift+F3) to the tOGGLE cASE function.

@johnmastell, tOGGLE cASE do just this. If do you need all text in all caps, choose menu Format - Text -UPPERCASE. Maybe you need to choose Capitalize Every Word.

See LibreOffice Help on the Text options.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Your answer is not to the question asked.

@gabix, Maybe you are right. The question ask about toggle case, and the bug is about Sentence case. Just warning was enough. No need to downvote. But if that makes you happy, go ahead.

You are wrong. The question was about a glitch when using the keyboard shortcut for cyclic case change. Try to understand questions before you post answers.

@gabix, The question says “I have a keyboard shortcut” (bold added); that implies something personalized; maybe that led to me getting confused.

  1. Whether the asker uses a custom shortcut, or a pre-defined shortcut (Shift + F3), the problem is absolutely the same. The cyclic case change command does not keep a text selection at a certain point,
  2. The case toggle command is a different command.

Thus said, your answer is still off-topic.

A remark: the asker, actually, uses the word of toggle incorrectly for this context, as it is quite clear from the the description that the problem is about the case cycle.

You can’t do anything. This is a well-known issue. As you can see:

it has been reported many times, but not addressed so far.

Here is sort of a solution, a macro from old good days of (still works in LO 6.3.x/6.4.x):

Download the document and follow the instructions. Note that the macro works slightly differently as compared to the built-in case cycle command. But it does honor a text selection.