Can I get software to only show previous files individual to that program, calc files in the calc program rather than every file previously opened

I would like to only have a previous history in individual software packages, so when using Calc, it only displays previous calc files

Hello @Morvynf,

This can by done using the “History Master” extension from Bernard Marcelly, the author of Xray.

The History Master extension was originally written for OpenOffice, but it still works on my LibreOffice version

This extension is not available from the LibreOffice Extensions repository, but it can be downloaded from Bernard Marcelly’s personal homepage here:

History Master Extension Download Page
( Right-click on the link that says “Version 1.1.1” and then select the menuitem “Save Link As…” ).

After downloading the .oxt file to your disk, you can install it into LibreOffice via the menu “Tools : Extension Manager...”, then click on the button “Add” and follow the instructions.

After installing the extension, restart LibreOffice.

If all OK, you should now have a new menuitem “File : Recent documents of the same type...”.

It brings up a dialog from which you can select your Recent Documents per Document Type, i.e. “Texts”, “Spreadsheets”, “Presentations”, etc.

HTH, lib

Unfortunately the extension is not working anymore in LibreOffice, I’, getting the following BASIC runtime error when clicking any related menu item:

Message: .

The erroneous line is line 62 in Module1:


Are there any solutions available?
I would love to have the function to open Recent documents of the same type available.


Issue solved, I had a corrupted profile. This Error starting extension · Issue #20 · openlilylib/LO-ly · GitHub helped to figure it out…
I used libreoffice --safe-mode to restore the previous working configuration.