Can I get v4r4 for mac anywhere? Last version to have a wordperfect converter?

Needing to use some WP documents, and the copy of LibreOffice 4r4 that used to do the converting has gone walkabout!

Is it still possible to obtain retired versions from somewhere on the site?

Thanks all

It’s unclear what you call v4r4, but this is the official download archive of TDF, and here you can take all released versions for all platforms.

BTW: why do you claim that that was the last version to support WordPerfect? I still can open WP files with my…

You’re right!

Right about WPD files being imported, that is. Now I feel stupid… (Be quiet all those who’re saying ‘looks stupid’ )

To answer in sequence - V4r4m0 (Version/release/modification) is (my) standard shorthand, and more or less the way multiple versions get titled on boxes I use. Hangover from previous lives. I tend to bypass weekly releases that see if what we changed is working in favour of stability when it comes to line of business applications.
Huge fan and advocate of agile and sprint releases as a development focus though, and been doing so for decades.

As for WPD translation - some long time ago I tracked back to why WPD was removed from the (then current) release, and found there was a copyright issue meaning that it was omitted from post 4.4 releases. So I kept a 4.4 to use for conversion, and was very happy. Major WP tool is now Pages - such a pleasure to use after a few years of having to use Word, but excellent only for the stuff it does. As I said in the question, I find I need to access some archive material and no longer have live windoze boxes, and discovered that my 4.4 copy had been eaten in some clean up.

Just goes to show that old dogs should stick with old tricks and run a test. The version in service here is 5.1.6002 and that handles Wordperfect just fine, making this a long winded way of saying

“Hoorah for LibreOffice” - again.

Case closed.


@Yorkshireman: then close the question for community benefit, thanks