Can I have pagination related to each column

I am working on a cook book. The end product uses a small notebook with each physical page (landscape style) cut in half to make each sheet of paper into TWO pages.

I have to manually number the columns now (1,2 first page; 3,4 second page …)

Hi @rayholme,

I’m not sure what size paper you’re using for printing, but what about creating a page size that’s half a sheet (e.g. for 8.5" x 11" US Letter, use 4.25" x 5.5"), and then printing your document as 2-up (2-sheets per page)?

To get page numbers to print on the outside edge of each page (i.e. away from the gutter), I believe there’s a setting in the Page Numbering dialog.

Good answer. But for the record, your 1/2 sheet is a 1/4 sheet. I want 8.5x5.5 ( the size of most cook books and small binders). You halved both dimensions to get 1/4. :=]

FINAL resolution: redo document in single column portrait mode with fonts about 3/2 bigger and FAKE page size of 13 x 8.5; print using brochure mode giving a reduced size - 2up - comes out with footer pagination right. First page of print will waste left side.

See also now the related question on “Creating brochures in Writer”.

Is this actually a question about booklet printing? There are some other Q&A’s about this, as well in OpenOffice environment (if that’s the right sort of thing). (And a web-search finds more, if this is along the right lines…) The Writer manual deals with brochure and booklet printing in ch. 5.