Can I implement LibreOffice with any grammar or style corrector?

It is possible to integrate a program like LanguageTool into LibreOffice? Does it exist any other sotware or apication to do this? (and how I can do it if my SO is ubuntu?)

Thank you very much!

Thank you Floris, but with the explanations contained in this pages I cannot add LT like a extension, because I need a file .oxt (or similar, I don’t remember exactly right now) and I don’t have it. I have just the .jar file to launch the program (LanguageTool) and work with it separately.
Do you (or someone else) know how to add LT as an extension at LibO? I affraid I’m a little bit clumsy n_n!

Ups, Sorry! I didn’t see the LibO download option n_n! Thank you both of you.

There is an error related with java that I cannot understand (I already have Java 8) but, it seems run well.

LanguageTool comes as an extension for OpenOffice and LibreOffice. You can download it from (see download links at the bottom of that page) or from the extensions section of

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As floris v indicated, you need to download the LibreOffice extension. If you scroll down on

you’ll find a button with the text

For LibreOffice
and OpenOffice

v3.6, 67 MB, Needs Java 8+

Click there to download this file

Install it on LibO, restart the application and you are done.