Can I import my autocorrect and dictionary preferences from OpenOffice 4.1.7

I have been a bilingual user of Open Office for some years and want to migrate to Libre Office. I have a lot of personalised dictionary and autocorrect options in both English (UK) and Spanish (Spain). Is there a way to import these options or will I have to build them up again over time?

Try take a look at this :
LibreOffice user profile

I have not been using OO since the dawn of LibreOffice - but I’m quite sure you can move the userprofile from Open Office to LibreOffice.

I cannot answer this based on explicit knowledge!

I just made a very superficial test:
I moved the user profile of an AOO V 4.1.7 portable (32 bit) to
A LibreOffice Dev (64) bit.
Then I only looked for a few examples of Basic code and of AutoText AutoCorrect.
Insofar there were no obvious problems.
However, LibO itself changed some settings or paths or formats for the user profil when they started the versions 4.x.y many years ago, and I doubt if AOO did something to the same effect. Therefore I would be prepared to experience some issues.

(Long ago the user profile for versions 3.xy was converted to a different subfolder named …/4/. Concerning the versions with leading digits 5, 6, 7 there wasn’t another conversion of the kind.

Thanks. I’ll check it out