Can I insert a pdf image into my slide?

I have a lot of plots (made by gnuplot) in pdf format. I want to put them into my presentation. I tried two things, and I had no luck.

  1. I simply drag and drop a small pdf image to my slide, then LibreOffice loads the “Insert Text” dialoge, and if I click on OK, it inserts a text-box full of rubbish into my slide.

  2. I click on “Insert → Picture → From File…” from the menu and try to find my pdf file. But in the file selection dialoge I can’t find my pdf file (it’s not listed) although the file extension filter on this window is set to .

Is it possible somehow to insert pdf images to an Impress presentation, or it’s not possible?

BTW, I run LO in Ubuntu 12.04.

pdfimport might work for most cases. But some special characters (Greek symbols for example) were missing. My solution was to open the document using GIMP, then select whatever you want and paste it.

In that case you could also open it in Inkscape, ungroup everything, delete what you don’t need and export to suitable format (SVG), then import to LO.

You can open PDF in Draw and copy the contents to Impress. If it’s not, install pdfimport plugin.

This works. Unfortunately, it is difficult to scale the resulting image, because text is not automatically scaled.

To use the image saved in the PDF, you can open the PDF file (using the default Document Viewer in Ubuntu), right-click and select "Save image as " and save it in any image format (say JPG or PNG).

Once that’s done, you can now use “Insert → Picture → From file” option and choose the saved image.

The issue here is not pasting images embedded in the PDF. The PDF itself is the image. Recently people start using PDF as the output format for graphing tools (such as gnuplot), since some use them for inclusion in TeX files processed with pdftex or luatex.