Can I insert text from a text field elsewhere in the Writer document?

I have a form with data such as surname, first name, street, number, postal code and city in one form.

Now, for example, I would like to insert the entered name at the bottom before the signature.
This is to avoid duplicate entries.

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I didn’t clearly understand the question’s text. I think form controls aren’t TextFields e.g. …
Are you talking of Textfields of the ‘Variables’ category?

Based on the subject alone:
Select and copy (Ctrl+C) the TextField.
Place the insertion cursor on the target postion.
PasteSpecial (Ctrl+Sift+V) and select ‘Unformatted text’.

What’s the “later text”. If you are talking of the pdf: I don’t know enough about pdf to tell for sure, but I cannot imagine that they support typical Writer functionality beyond the input itself.


thank you for the reply.

I have used this type of input field:

As a PDF you can now enter data and create a form.
I would like to use this input like a variable in the later text.