Can I install Libreoffice 5.2 onto a Raspberry Pi? There doesn't seem to be any archives or repositories with the binaries available for ARM. Do I really have no alternative but to compile it from source?

Version 5.1 in the repositories is totally useless to me due to a crippling bug in Impress which causes animations to not display properly, as shown here: Impress: animation function is not working

Upgrading to 5.2 is a fine solution… if I can do it, but none of the repositories seem to actually have ARM packages that work. Do I have to actually spend the hours of time it will take on a raspberry pi to compile it from source code?

Nothing at all, huh?

You know, this kind of response is the reason why Libre Office will never overtake Microsoft office. It’s not that the product is inferior in features - NOBODY uses all the features of EITHER - it’s that the basic stuff, like reliable availability, stable versions without bug regressions, file compatibility ACROSS versions, do NOT exist in this product. Easily the most poorly run open software project I’ve ever seen.

Are you saying Microsoft office can be installed on a Raspberry Pi? That’s surprising! LibreOffice is considerably more cross platform than the extremely proprietary MS Office in my opinion. Please don’t forget also that LibreOffice is FREE! I think it’s more appropriate to express appreciation for the hard working developers who have created an outstanding alternative to the mainstream giant trillion dollar company’s product. Both MS Office & Libre are fine products!

Ha, just noticed this question is 2 years old! But it came up in the recents due to the recent answer :slight_smile: