Can I open a Base Form with Java programming commands?

As for now I have installed a JDK, LibreOffice and it’s SDK, Netbeans and Eclipse…
Online I have studied the examples provided by the SDK and briefly read the API documentation as far as my comprehension for now allows me to understand which commands can be used.

  1. Can someone help me to find an answer to the question if it is possible to open a form in Base with the use of Java commands?

  2. And then maybe show me an example of the code that should be used to accomplish this?


Can do this with Basic & Python so can’t see why you would not be able to do this with Java.

This may be of some help to you → Java LibreOffice Programming

Thank you! I am looking into it…


Do you maybe have a account?
I would like to see an example file which contains the commands used in Basic and maybe another file which holds the commands in Python to accomplish this?


No need for some other account. Have a number of samples posted on this site. My answer will either have the code or a sample which contains the code or both:

Python → Base macro that opens a new/clean record in another form using python

Basic → Base ERROR - Open Form with macro

Trying to create a button to open a form

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