Can I open a Lotus Approach database file (.apr) in BASE

I didn’t see any user guide for the LibreOffice database (Maybe I missed it). Nor when I asked BASE to connect to an existing did I see a reference to Lotus or an .apr file.

Is it possible to open the Lotus file?

Thank you

From this link it looks like you can export to Excel file from Lotus. You can skip the Excel step and open it using LibreOffice Calc, resave as .ods (or maybe this is not needed) and drag to LibO Base (see this)

OK that helped a bit. THANK YOU

When I tried exporting as a .xls file, it failed (I was not authorized, or there were too many records, or the file was corrupted) I tried it on the “old” computer as well with same result.

But I did open the dbf file in LibreOffice CALC and managed to save it as a .ods file.

That is where I get confused. (I have never used LibeOffice BASE and have only designed one database using Lotus, many many years ago so I am a luddite)

You mentioned “drag” if to LibO BASE, but the link provided talks about what to do if it is a “registered” database which this isn’t (not sure I know what that really means)

Somehow in playing around with this I did get a screen that wanted me to list the fields, and describe their “field type”. I went to find what that meant and some how lost the screen and can’t get there again.

I also got a DESIGN screen, but at that point I was more lost.

I wonder if I am tackling more than I should ??

Is there a User Guide for LibO BASE ? I didn’t see one listed. Maybe I should learn how to design a simple one and then this might make more sense to me ???

There is not much documentation for BASE. Try it on this page. You can go with the older 3.4 versions. Not much has changed.

You can download this file.

I hope it helps you.

Thanks Horst