can i open files in an earlier version

Iam using the newest version, but find it Very problematic… can I open my docs in an earlier version that hopefully is less … ?

Yes. What sort of problems are you having with the “newest” version? It would help to mention your OS and LibreOffice versions.

Be aware that LO 7.x saves in ODF 1.3 enhanced format, LO 6.x in ODF 1.2 enhanced format.
Some features of ODF 1.3 format are not displayed in LO 6.x.
Example: If Draw objects are added effects like glow and soft edge they are displayed in LO 6.x as objects without these effects.

If you are using Windows, you may give the portable versions a try (see PortableApps). So you can easily test multiple versions of LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

But as you don’t tell which problems you face, it is hard to help solving them…