Can I open pdf as image without any corrections?

This is: Version:
Build ID: 420m0(Build:3)
on kubuntu-14.04

I am trying to fill out a job application, which is a .pdf (without forms).
When I open it through File > Open, it open in draw, but it appears to be doing some kind of OCR or formatting on the document. I don’t want that – I just want to type in a text layer over the form and then export the result as a pdf that I can email back to them. Alterations to their form are not acceptable. Is there a way to do this without altering the format of the pdf itself?

Edit: I did try turning off autocorrect, but this didn’t help.

I always use Xournal for adding text/notes in pdf files. Your input appears directely in a separate layer without exporting the file as an image. Give it a try, it is really easy. Be careful when saving as pdf, though. I always have to create a new file, otherwise the program will crash.

It is also available in the software center.

You could save the pdf as an image (use gimp for any resolution above your screen) and import that as the background.

And later if you want really high quality pdf (e.g you apply for a prepress or design job), you could delete the underlying image, export only answers to PDF and merge two files.

Or you could use Xournal to add text to PDF, or make sure you have all the used fonts installed and try Draw or Inkscape or Illustrator (or use InDesign if you don’t have the fonts) to edit the PDF. Looks like endless river of possibilities, depending on how much time you have got in your hands.

Thanks for the comments. I think there is a problem with this specific pdf file, as libreoffice is able to open other pdf files without any trouble. I did manage to get it done by adding text layers with gimp.

Although this answer was accepted, an easier answer install & use Master-PDF-Editor is free for Linux and private use.