Can I paste link to external data instead of inserting (alighnment issue)?

I have a link to external data that increase by 1 entry / week. (A columns). Then I also have column to the right of that, that are functions of the external data to the right (the B column). So something like,

|----------------external data------------------------------|–function of external data
receptions(A)—|–yards(A)—|–touchdowns(A)----| – Points(B)

week1 -----------external data…| =(receptions1+yards.1+TDs*6)
week2 …external data…| =(week 2(PTS)
week3 …external data …| = week 3 PTS
…(no data yet, empty,blank)…| = X (because if column A= " “, then “X”
…(no data yet, " ,” )…| = X
…| = X
…| = X

so when week 4 updates, it shifts everything below it down 1 row which screws everything up below it. I also the Pts column to the right doesn’t reference the new data to its left, it keeps referencing the cells that were move down from the new external data row. Those cells are blank. So basically for every update for every record I’m having to delete a row below the external data, and re-adjust my equations on the right to re-reference the data to its left. (by filling my equation from above down thru each record)

if the links to external data were just “pasted” in I think i’d be fine. But since they are “inserted”, it creates many alignment and reference issues that make the whole thing not worth it. It’s maddinging. I actually re-arranged all my records horizontally with my external data below it’s related functional data to negate the needing to delete a row everytime a record updated, (which kinda worked because filling or copying my equations through the records is the easy part) but i ended up running out of room to the right for all my records.


a little help here?

(am using window 8.1 with LibreOffice5.0 installed in English)