Can I put LibreOffice on Windows 10?

I am installing Windows 10 on a computer. I was thinking of putting LibreOffice on the machine, is this possible?

I’ve been running the LO 4.4.x branch of LibreOffice on W10 since I installed the Technical Preview last September. Works fine for me. Only glitch I’ve encountered was the Check for Update is not working today. But, that doesn’t have anything to do with the product’s funcationality.

Make sure you have a properly downloaded copy of the installer. Perhaps redownload it, and make sure to check the MD5 hash to see if all the bits made it to your computer.

Good luck!

I don’t see any reason for not being able to do it. Please have also a lock at:

I just installed LibreOffice version 4.4 on Windows 10 and it works fine.

Make sure you download the product from the web site.
I downloaded an older version of LibreOffice from the web and it failed to install indicating that the application is a 16 bit app and it is not supported.

Hi JM, am I correct that what you installed was the 64 bit version?

There is no 64bit Windows installer @Gene_50. Only the 32bit version. But, it shouldn’t be an issue.

There is a 64bit installer. You download it from the Windows bit of the installer page. I have the 64bit version installed now.

I had a problem with Libre Office when I upgraded to Windows 10.

If I opened My Documents and tried to open a .doc file from there I got an error saying that it ‘required elevation’. I have detailed the issue here:

Until I know how to fix this I won’t be going back to Windows 10 in a hurry.