.doc files won't open from within My Documents in Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (the most current November build) and I already had Libre Office 5 installed before I upgraded. When I try to open a .doc file from within My Documents I get an error message saying that the operation requires elevation. I’ve tried to look answers up online and have tried contacting Microsoft but a solution has yet to present itself. Libre is my default office program and I need all aspects of it working.

What can I do!?

Since the last post, I found I also had an issue with Adobe Reader DC. Attempts to fix this issue led me to have to reinstall Windows 7. Until I know there is a patch or update that enables Libre Office to work properly in Windows 10, I won’t go near the upgrade.

If anyone knows about that elevation issue, please let me know.


Just realised that I had the x86 version installed. Now downloading the x64 version. Not sure it’ll make any difference, but, I’m still waiting for help with the issue before I go back to Windows 10.

Still no answer? I’m figuring, since the same version of Libre Office is able to run fine in Windows 7, that the elevation issue is a Windows 10 thing? What are anyone else’s thoughts!?

Still nothing doing here!? Has there been a Windows update or an update to Libre that has sorted this!? We’re approaching the time when Windows 10 will cease to be free. I’d still like to upgrade, but will be stuck with 7 if I have to pay for 10. That’s ok for now, but, support for 7 will eventually stop,

Still nothing, really!?

Free Windows 10 expires in a few weeks, does anyone anywhere know what is happening with this issue!?

Having looked at other threads, it looks like the issue may not happen with Libre Office 5, so, I think I may take a gamble and get 10 and see what happens. Unless anyone can give me a reason not to…