Can I read in a .wdb file using LibreOffice?


Is it possible to open/read a .wdb file with LibreOffice?
I have some .wdb files I need to convert to Excel/CSV but I don’t have MS Works anymore.

Thanks for any help.

Just try it and say us about the result


File -> Open allows to select input filter. Since .wdb is listed here, there is a chance that it works.

image description


Thank you for your quick reply. Could you please tell me which product of LibreOffice you use? When I’m using LibreOffice Base I cannot click File → Open.
As you can tell I’m new to LibreOffice, so I apologize in advance if this is a basic question.

Thank you.

I don’t use any module. Just started LibreOffice into Start Center and use File -> Open. But in fact it doesn’t matter File -> Open should work from any module.

I have managed to open the file via LibreOffice Calc. Thanks again and I accepted your answer.