Can I reorder names by last name without having to put last names first?

I have a whole list of names, but I hadn’t thought that I would need to put them in order like this, so I put last name after first. I don’t want to have to go through the whole process of moving the names around just so I can reorder them. I’m doing this in LibreOffice Writer, not in the spreadsheets.

How’s your list organised: in a table with separate columns for first and last name? As a list with the compound name as paragraph content?

In the second case, there’s no hope unless you rework your data. However, you may try to export the list as plain text, replace the space between names with semicolon (don"t know if is really necessary) in an editor and import it into Calc, telling the import filter which separator you used. You can sort any way you like and reimport into Writer as a table.

PS: I took the liberty to change the tags because common applies to all LO components, not only Writer.