Can I save a Master document in a .docx format? My publisher cannot open a .odm file

Can I save a Master document in a .doc or .docx format?
I am trying to submit a book manuscript to my publisher, and they cannot read .odm files.


Saving as .doc(x) will make it an ordinary document, losing all properties of a master.

What you can do:

  • File>Export as PDF or ODF
  • print as a PDF document (many printer management systems offer this feature)

You can then submit either a .pdf or .odt to your publisher. This is the safest option as it involves no format conversion.

If still your publisher pretends they can’t read .odt (even M$ Word can do it though this is not widely advertised), use the exported .odt to save it as .doc(x). This involves a format conversion and compatibility is not guaranteed 100%. So check very carefully your formatting. There will always be differences. It is up to you to consider them acceptable or not.

You’ll probably have more differences if your formatting is based on “direct formatting” (i.e. manual formatting) instead of “styling”.

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