Can i sell software that uses Libre Office

Hello everybody, I’m an Junior Argentinian Programmer and a little marked asked me to develop a software for it. I’m using visual studio express and the only way to print in an easy way is creating a report using an Calc pgae of LibreOffice. Can I sell this software or not?

thnak you very much! Your answer was so helpfull!

Yes, you are free to distribute it and use it in your software:

LibreOffice is licensed under the
terms of the LGPLv3. This means you’re free to
use it for personal and commercial
, you’re free to copy it and give
copies away, and you’re free to modify
and redesign the source code, and to
create derivative works.

See the licensing FAQ.

Selling free software is perfectly acceptable. The only requirement is that you publish the source code of any modifications you make if you distribute them.

One place to find information: