Can I set a chart's 'data ranges' relative to current sheet?

I would like to create a chart that makes use of data on the current sheet, and then copy/paste the chart to another sheet, and have it link immediately to the new sheet instead of the sheet that the chart came from.

I found the LO ( lets me remove the ‘$’ from the sheet-name for the series name, X-values and Y-values (enter chart->Format->Data Ranges), so I thought this was looking good.

But when I copy/paste the figure into a new sheet, the ‘$’ is back again, and the data ranges all point to the original data on the original sheet again.

This is bug, right? If I write a formula “=thissheet.$A$1” in thissheet and then copy/paste into thatsheet, then the formua in the pasted sheet becomes “=thatsheet.$A$1”. When I copy/paste a chart, the same should happen, right? It shouldn’t silently add dollar signs…?

I could only temporarily remove the $ symbol from sheet name in the data range, after closing data range dialog and then re-opening data range the $ symbol is back even without copying the chart to another sheet.

What did seem to work was to copy the chart to the other sheet, then edit the sheet name in the data range of the copied chart to that of the new sheet.

I’m also using

Yes, that works, but it’s still a bug, right? It means explicitly-stated relative references are being deliberately ignored when figures are cut/pasted between sheets.

I have the same issue (6.1.5). Even when I copy the entire sheet, I cannot rely upon what the range will be. Sometimes it changes to the new sheet, sometimes it remains with the previous sheet. I can edit the sheet name in the data range, but this becomes really tedious.