Can I set the bounds of an axis based on a calculation in CALC?

I have a X/Y graph ni CALC which has some values close to infinity. The region of interest though is only a small part, but depends on the parameters of the calculation, so setting the min and max as a fixed value is not an option. If I set the plot min and max to automatic it scales such that its non-descriptive.

I can calculate the region of interests upper and lower bounds. So for now I have set the plot ranges to automatic, and used MIN(outcome;caclulated-upperbound) and MAX(outcome;calculated-lowerbound), to limited the bounds, but this gives a disputable plot at best.

Is there a way to modify the min and max values of a plot based on the outcome of a calculation?

I use LibreOffice for Windows x64

This should not be possible without axcessing the chart object via custom code.

But you can use automatic scaling and restrict the range for the abscissa values as needed. How this can be done is demonstrated in some detail in the attached example. ask51496ChartWithVariableRestrictions001.ods