Can I share Base data in managed way on local network?

I am just learning to use Base. Before I go too much further I would like to know if I can share my forms with other users in my network with password protection.

I have created some forms that I use with my own database. these forms can be used by my coworkers with their own databases. How do i share them? Is there a server type situation I can set up that would allow me to manage multiple users and their data?


With internal HSQLDB Databases multiple users can not have concurrent access to the database. It is possible to transfer such a base to an external environment, where multiple users can have concurrent access to the database on a server. This is described in the Appendix to this The complete Base Handbook.

Another aspect of your question is the sharing of forms. These can be copied and pasted from one base to another. The simplest seems to put your base on a shared resource for other users to copy and paste.


I can verify concurrent access is possible with a split database, and easy to do. The first user to open the Base front end database (which stores no actual data-- it connects to the back end) will open it in normal mode, the second person will open in read-only mode which will mean they cannot edit forms and queries. The limitation is anomalous and very different from the other major desktop database solution, and means that simultaneous design of queries and forms is not possible,

Doug: Just to clarify if you are here talking about concurrent "split’ database access WITHOUT using the HSQLDB server (in contrast to the server-based multi-user method as described in the Base Handbook Appendix mentioned above). When a second user connects (with Base itself managing the connection - not the HSQLDB server) they would only have read-only access to the database as you describe, but is there any danger of database corruption using this ‘non-server’ (but simpler) connection method?

The discussion in the handbook is similar to my split setup, with the distinction that I am using MariaDB/MySQL. I understand both the handbook and pierre-yves samyn to confirm that multiuser manipulation of data requires a split setup. Base connects to a port where the database server is listening. Multiple instances of Base simultaneously may do so, and the server controls data integrity.