Can I shorten the route to get to Paste Special Format?

I love the ability to right click to copy and paste formats. Right-clicking on the destination cell enables me to paste either the text, number or formula but I have to click to a second level to paste Format (which is what I mainly use). Can I modify this to either add Format to the list or replace either Text, Number or Formula?
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Does the Clone Formatting icon (paintbrush) in the Standard toolbar do what you want?

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Thanks - yes, the toolbar STANDARD (Single Mode) reveals the paint brush and it works (double click for multi cells).

I’d like to be able to use the mouse buttons / key command if there’s a way.

Shift+Ctrl+V invokes the Paste Special dialog, then click Formats only or hit the keyboard shortcut (Alt+Y in English UI).

That doesn’t work on my Mac keyboard.

Use the Cell Styles instead of copying the formatting properties.

Do you mean this menu item? It’s not something I’ve used before. I don’t want to have to set up a style in the way I do conditional formatting as I want to change things on the fly (it’s usually just me moving things into different columns with different spacing, fonts, colours etc. and playing around with cosmetics).
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The Cell styles are not only for the Conditional formatting feature.
The styles is the most valuable feature of the AOO and LO.

You can set up all of properties of a Cell, and you can give a name for it. Then you can apply it by a double click. And when you want to change one or more properties in the cells what are formatted by a specific style, then it is enough to change the property in one place: in the named style. Not needed any “copy/paste special:format” nor paintbrush actions for it…


I am glad I have found your post because I also wanna know this.

That is not an answer/solution to the question.

Use the “Comment” feature for these type of notes.

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