Can I sign a .pdf with pkcs11 smart card (CAC)

I am looking for a way to digitally sign US Government .pdf forms using a pkcs11 smart card (US military CAC card). On Windows machines, this is normally accomplished through Adobe Reader. I have the card reader setup and fully funtional with Firefox for accessing government websites.

Operating System Details:
Debian 9.5 LXDE,
LibreOffice 5.2.7,
coolkey 1.1.0-13,
libccid 1.4.26-1,
libpcsclite1 1.8.20-1

Example forms can be found at ;

Please let me know if you need any additional information or assistance in testing.

LibreOffice 5.2.7

Signing of existing PDFs has only been introduced in 5.3 (see relevant blog post).

Hello !

I’m from Belgium, where we use electronic ID cards (containing certificates to “sign as citizen”).

I suppose your problem is quite the same as mine : my ID works in Firefox for government data (tax, VAT, and so on, …)

This is the way I do sign PDF’s produced from LO Writer, hope it is usefull to you :

  1. Make sure your card is inserted before opening LO
  2. Use writer to compose your text
  3. Once ready, “File → export as PDF”
  4. When exporting to PDF, in the export menu, choose ‘Digital Signatures’ tag (or equivalent, I use a FR version of LO)
  5. Select the certificate you want to use. (Sometimes, for BE ID, I have to cancel and retry to get the list of certifs)
  6. Export your PDF : you will be asked for your secret key.
  7. All done !

Hope this is helpfull,

Wonderful day to all !


LO 5.4


I am also from Belgium. In LO this does not seem to work (anymore) :frowning: