Can I speed up Calc with large files?

We just got new computers at work (don’t have Excel anymore), and I’m using LibreOffice Calc. I’m working with a 56mb spreadsheet (goes out to BO184258). The latest Apache wouldn’t open it. Libre opened, and took a while to save as odt. However, it takes like 10+ minutes to sort. Office 2003 on XP with 512mb of RAM was handling this thing no problem, but Libre on Windows 7 (we downgraded, screw 8) with 8gb and twice as many cores can’t do basic things. Is there any way I can get Libre to be faster?

So that’s a no I guess.

This is a big issue with Calc for me - I simply couldn’t use it for my research - too slow, too unstable.

Here is a hope that Cal may one day handle large files with many data, sheets, pivot table and so on.

I’ve had a similar problem recently. Multiple Operations would not work in my case. We think that there is an internal limit. Filed in a bug report, still not assigned. Too bad.