can i transfer data from microsoft office?

I have Microsoft Office and I would like to transfer all my documents from Office to LibreOffice. Is that possible? Please explain in simple terms. Plus, I need to know the title to title, i.e. the Libre version to Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Yes. LibreOffice can open all MS Office files. However, macros may not come over 100 % and formatting wil not be 100 % identical to the original.

@floris_v, Mostly true, but LO can’t open Access *.mdb database files. And although one can with some amount of trouble extract or even share the data tables, this remains problematic, and is not yet well supported. Furthermore MS Access queries, forms and reports will need to be re-created by hand in base, and although most support is there similar to VBA, there is still much that LO base can’t do that Access can. That being said spreadsheets and text documents have much better success.

If you want to make it in one leap, use File → Wizards → Document converter (for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations). The converter will leave any existing MSO document as is creating its ODT counterpart, thus, you will be able to revert to the original document if something is lost (see floris v’s answer). If you only want to read such documents, well, just open them.