Can I use an external CSS in a LO HTML document?

I created an HTML document that links to an external CSS. When I save the HTML document in LO Writer, the external CSS link disappears and the external CSS is turned into internal CSS.

I am creating an online course and I want to give my instructors the ability to make quick edits in a familiar program, while keeping the ability for me to make broader style changes that cascade through all document.

thanks much!

Well, I found a workable solution. The extension Writer2XHTML allows the addition of an external CSS. This option is at Tools → Options ->Writer2xhtml → Style sheets

This means people have to export the HTML file as opposed to saving it – not a big deal. This also means that they cannot see the styles on the document while they are editing it – a bigger deal but not a showstopper.

Still wish I could force LibreOffice to keep external CSS links.