Can I use files created using / Apache OpenOffice in LibreOffice?

I recently upgraded my OS from Kubuntu 8.04 with OpenOffice 2.4, to Kubuntu 12.04 with LibreOffice.

Unfortunately, when I open a file in LibreOffice that was created in OpenOffice, the text on one full page now flows over to a second page.

My laptop has LibreOffice, and I compared all line spacing, margin settings. etc. to the same document on another desktop that still has OpenOffice 2.4 installed. All settings look identical.

In fact, I am comparing the same document using a flash drive to go between systems.

Has anyone had a similar problem?How do I resolve this without reformatting the entire document?

I’ll be happy to send screen shots, if that will help.

Hi @John_Bentham,

It’s very likely that OOo 2.4 and LibreOffice 3.5 (I assume that’s what you’re running under Ubuntu) have some sight differences in how they lay out a page of text. I didn’t see you mention fonts in your list of considerations – you’ve made sure that you’re using the same version of fonts with each office suite?

If you just need the text to stay on a single page, you could always tweak the font size or margins, however I get the feeling that your documents might have some very specific additional layout requirements.

Would it be possible for you to export the original documents as PDFs, so that they would retain their unique layout on each of your computers? Do you need to edit these documents?