Can I use LibreOffice Online in a cPanel/CentOS environment?

Hi. I’m completely new to this forum, and only peripherally familiar with the details of my own question. What we’re trying to achieve is basically a DMS, but to be specific we need the following functionality:

  • Storing documents on our server
  • Full text and keyword searches of the documents
  • Displaying the search results (and documents) in the Web browser
  • Access control lists for both groups and individuals
  • Preferably direct document editing in the Web browser, but at least a check-out/check-in function or revision synchronization for collaborative document production

I’m hoping LibreOffice Online will work. However, it’s very difficult to find any details about LibreOffice Online, let alone the required environment specifications, or a place to download it. I have the other details of the server environment too, but want to confirm first whether LibreOffice Online is officially released and supported, whether it will do what we need, and whether it will run in a cPanel server on CentOS.

Can anyone help with any aspect of this?

LibreOffice Online is only relevant to part of your last clause, specifically “Preferably direct document editing in the Web browser”. All other topics are controlled by file hosting/content management systems that may include LibreOffice Online as web editing part. LibreOffice Online is already available integrated into Nextcloud, ownCloud, etc. (see Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) - Collabora Office and Collabora Online), which should be checked if they provide necessary features.

To integrate LOOL with your custom solution, you may watch this talk at Fosdem.

Thank you very much for this recent edit and addition. I’m currently trying to find someone who can handle the setup for us to get it working correctly, so I’m passing these links along to those candidates.

Thank you very much indeed.

Fona School :slight_smile: Yes you can use LibreOffice Online in a cPanel/CentOS environment. Assuming it meets the minimum requirements.

The official wiki documentation about LibreOffice Online is at

On that page above find the links under “Current Status” section

If you are a developer, for LibreOffice Online support requests, bug reports, new feature requests find that official Bugzilla tool at

To join the efforts and contribute go to
Then find the instructions under the “Development” section.

Collabora is a UK private for profit company. Which contribute to LibreOffice Online development.

Thank you both (Mike and Francewhoa) for your answers and help!

Thanks to you, I now have LibreOffice Online installed on my server. ownCloud is also installed, but I don’t know how to connect the two. In other words, when I select a document uploaded to ownCloud, it doesn’t open in LibreOffice Online.

Do you know a link to a page that explains those settings?

It must have something to do with this page: GitHub - owncloud/richdocuments: Collabora Online for ownCloud

And please don’t use “Answer” for something that isn’t actually answering questions, but only clarifies or comments. The add comment button is for that, or you may edit your own question (if karma permits).

Thank you very much!

I’ll check into that page.

Thank you also for explaining about the answer and comment functions. I struggled with how to do it, because I wanted to write to both of you at once. You had both provided valuable, and differing information, but my next question really related to both your answers. I’ll use the comment function going forward.

Well, in this case, it’s better to leave two comments (for both my and the other answer). Hope that you’ll find a solution, and get back here to edit your answer to create an actual answer for others to benefit, thanks!

Apparently that link didn’t do it for the hosting company, and they’ve reached their limit on their best effort. I guess I’ll have to try to find a way to hire someone to do the installation and setup to get it working. I don’t imagine this is the appropriate place to do that either, but could you tell me where I can find a person to do that?