Can I use LibreOffice to read .pub docs created in Publisher 2000?

I do a church bulletin on a .pub template in Publisher 2000. I want to continue doing this bulletin but have to give up my 2005 Dell desktop for 4 months and want to access the template through a Mac laptop or from an old Dell laptop. Can I use LibreOffice as software to read the old .pub docs?

Duplicate of many, among which Can I use Microsoft Publisher files with LibreOffice?

LO Draw will import but not export Publisher 2000 files (tested with LO 4.2.5 and Publisher 2013 using built-in template and saved in Publisher 2000 format). This means you will be able to open your old bulletins, though there may be some formatting inconsistencies, but you will not be able to create new Publisher files. You can, however, create new bulletins, save in LO formats and export as PDF files. You can even try opening one of your old bulletins in LO Draw and saving as a new LO Draw template.

Another possibility for future creation is the open-source desktop publishing program Scribus. It is free, open-source and more sophisticated than LO Draw for this purpose (eg has the ability to ‘flow’ text from one text box to another), but I don’t think it will open Publisher files.