Can I use LibreOffice to run a LibreOffice Impress presentation on my Ellipsis 7?

I just got the tablet and want to put my presentation on it. If I download lIbre Office, will it work on a Droid product?

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Unfortunately no. There isn’t a LibreOffice version for Android.

However you can get from the Google Play store an equivalent free Office suite based on (but not affiliated to) Apache OpenOffice named AndrOpen Office.

IMO it still needs a lot of work to be usable in a tablet but probably is good enough for showing a presentation…

Thank you, Pedro! I’ll try that.

I use the following workaround on an iPad.

I run on the iPad the app “GoodReader” which works excellent for pdd-files. Thus I create my presentation on my PC in Impress, export it to pdf-format, move it into GoodReader on my iPad and present there in small meeting me plus 1-3 people.

The limitation is that slide animation of Impress cannot be used or must be broken down in more than 1 slide.

It seems that GoodReader is not available for Android but below link list alternatives
There may be more and I have not tested anyone yet.