Can I use LibreOffice with Mac OS high Sierra 10.13 with MacBook Air mid 2011?

Can I use LibreOffice with Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 with MacBook Air mid 2011?

Any problems? Glitches? Etc.?


It will not work on my Macbook with High Sierra. It did with Sierra.

You can use though I’m experiencing the worse user experience ever. I’m switching between libre and Ms, tryibg to avoid to come back to MS but it’s been hard. Never had any issue on Windows and with mac prior to high sierra. Impress is almost unisable (forget 3d transition for example); calc is ok; writer is slow and if i have two heavy documents open at the same time it becomes really slow (like wait for several seconds to scroll down or if you put both in full screen it start going back and forth between the two documents with no reason and with no chance you can work on eother document) and full screen mode has a glitch when you close the app the screen remain occupied as the app is still running and you have to manually close it through exposé. So far these are the major problem I’m facing either with 5.4.4 and with 6.0.2 (the latter is my actual choice), running on latest version of high sierra on mbp early 2015 13”

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