Can I use template images in a book?

I am writing a nonfiction book on finance for retirement. I would like to use LibreOffice Templates for image samples and referrals to use the actual templates. Is this OK without getting permission?

Thanks for your response. Here are a few qualifiers. In writing a book, I would be using images in the book to explain a budget process from a LibreOffice Calc template on the LibreOffice website. I would then refer the reader to the software, as a way of using the budget process with the template and Calc. The simplest way would be to get permission from the author, but I could see no listing of an author. To complicate matters, the license is Creative Commons, but that covers the use of the software, not the images from the template. It gets confusing in a hurry, but I could find no references to this issue on the website.


LibreOffice is free software / open source software. See Licenses.

I don’t know what templates you’re referring to. It is up to you to check if their authors have protected them or not…