Can I use Visio VSS stencils in Draw as shapes for diagrams?

Just getting spun up into draw and have a visio stencil file (vss ext) and curious if there’s a way to import it/use it as a list of shapes for diagrams.

Looks like support for Visio VSS stencils is in place:

Support for Visio file formats is a very recent addition to the LibreOffice package. Initial support, in Version 3.5 just released, includes import of .vsd files - work to support .vss (stencils) is, I believe, ongoing and making quick progress. [Currently not sure if the stencil support is planned for the 3.5.x release, it may be 3.6]

You can find the personal blog for one of the primary developers of the import filter here: Fridrich’s Blog

Don’t know if I am missing something, but support for .vss still isn’t supported in the most current version (

Played with this some in draw. Ok for reasonably simple drawings (some limitations like rounded corners on lines dont work). Not ready for complex Visio drawings (gets pretty overwhelmed pretty quickly…does not do a real good job with transparency…etc)

It almost looks like that import scans some but not all of the visio shapesheet cells and has some problems with complex formulas in the shapesheet cells.

While applaud the effort (the sole reason I upgraded to 3.5), I suspect it might be a doomed approach since its going to be tough to handle all the flexibility/power/precision of visio. Personally, I would think it would be better to enhance draw natively to support the features -heck just make 3D/ISO/projection work right would be a big step forward- or…figure out how draw could launch visio in context (or sketchup for that matter).