can individual components be installed

Is it possible to package/distribute Libreoffice in such a way that individual components could be installed? E.g., I just want calc. As per the suggestion, I happen to use FreeBSD. But IMO if there is any merit to this idea it is not related to a particular OS but rather to the Unix community as a whole. In FreeBSD installing the package is tricky (but possible) if you want to retain your current version of MySQL. If this is even possible with build options for most user the time involved would preclude this. If relatively easy to do the benefit to the program would be to encourge wider use. With the last upgrade, libreoffice is (again IMO) by far the best open source option.

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Under the various *Nix flavours, packaging allows a relative freedon about what you install (not familiar with FreeBSD, using Fedora Linux but the principles should be the same).

You have a basic package called here libreoffice-core, by far the biggest, which contains all the code and utilities needed by all other components. The specific parts of the components are in libreoffice-xxx (e.g. libreoffice-writer for Writer, …). The help and language parts are installed separately. Not installing any is equivalent to en_US.

The libreoffice packages are also dependent on other general packages like hunspell for spell checking Python for macro interpretation (macros can be written in LO basic or Python).

I don’t understand your concern about MySQL. Unless FreeBSD packagers did a strange job, MySQL installs separately from LO and LO doesn’t interfere with MySQL.

To summarize, you can install only one component but considering the dependencies your gain is disc storage space will be rather modest.

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