Can It Stop Checking for Smart Quotes?

I have anything I can find in options to disable and not use “smart quotes.” I think they dumb, but that is me. In AutoCorrect settings, the auto changes for quotes disabled. I do have grammar options to be checked with spelling, and I think that is where they coming from.

Screenshot example

Example ODT file

I save documents in ODT.

But I do not know which library it is getting that from so i can disable it being checked.

Any thoughts?


Window$ 11

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: db4def46b0453cc22e2d0305797cf981b68ef5ac
CPU threads: 20; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 22631; UI render: Skia/Vulkan; VCL: win
Locale: en-US (en_US); UI: en-US
Calc: CL threaded

Thanks, @ajlittoz. My mind was too into the moment with typing.

Please modify your question (don’t use a comment; click on below it, then on the “pencil” icon) to mention OS name, LO version and save format and to explain what we should look at in the linked screenshot.

Eventually attach a sample file.

I downloaded your sample. It displays here with straight quotes. Spellcheck runs OK. Two main differences with you: LO version and OS Linux Fedora 39 (therefore, no grammar check).

Click Tools - Autocorrect - Autocorrect Options, in the tab Localised Options, untick the Replace boxes for both single and for double quotes.

In Tools > Options > Language Settings > English Sentence Checking untick Quotation Marks and Apostrophe if you don’t want them grammar checked.

The first option was already unchecked. I always uncheck those when I had to reinstall Libre, and before OpenOffice.
The second one completely skips checking them. Not what we looking for.
What I asked for is seeing about it checking quotes and such but to skip the “smart quotes are not here so this an error” check. When it sees them in error, the only fix is it swaps the quotes out. It does not need to see “dumb quotes” as an error, as the screen shot shows.

I don’t quite understand your objection, if Quotation Marks and Apostrophe are unticked then they are not presented as a potential error (mechanical instead of typographical). If they are mechanical quotation marks they aren’t checked for the matching quotation mark, even if Quotation Marks is checked. Possibly because they could be used as inch marks or double prime.

Words that would need an apostrophe, such as whod are still marked as a spelling error even if Apostrophe is unticked.

If you want to replace typographical quotes with mechanical then it is much easier with Find and Replace than trying to go the other way.

Well, here it sees the error that the quotes are incorrect to its style.

Disabling those two options.

It ignores them completely.

Even if they are incorrect.

I am trying to see if it can spot the grammatical errors without fussing over the types of quotes used.

And interesting after changing those options, spell check stopped marking words in red as incorrect while typing this.

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Upload? Not “attachment”? No wonder the confusion.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 090815

As I said in earlier comment. Because you might be using " for different purposes, not necessarily quotation marks, it won’t check for an ending one. It only checks when it knows they are quotation marks.

You could try the Language Tool extension, but the problem might occur for the same reason.

The easiest way is to allow replacement of straight quotes with typographical quotes and to do a find and replace at the end.

I get what you saying. By default, the program is coded to ignore quotes grammatically unless they are typographical. Just seems forceful and surprised that can not be changed in an option.
Guess will leave it like that. Let it change them and I can manually search and replace later, extra steps sure, but to keep my OCD sanity.
Or… learn to accept curly quotes (in newly made documents) and move on from the good ol’ straight quote days??
But okay. I see I can not make the program do something it is programmed to see as outdated. I know my ways are, by sooooo many decades.
Thanks for helping. Will leave it as is then.

The alternative to find and replace at the end is to choose a font with less pronounced typographical quotes. I have uploaded an image of some readily available fonts (Google Fonts), some of which might not stand out so much.