can libre office be used on two pc's so work can be accessed on both

I am a writer and would like to be able to continue work from my laptop to my PC and visa versa, is this possible, if so what can I do?

Yes you can run as many installed copy’s of LO as you have Computers. Just email or use a portable HD-drive or USB/Thumb drive to move your Work file/s from computer to computer. It would be nice if you donated some beer money to the cause. Myself I run two different Linux computers and one Windows it all works fine.

Thank you, this helps a lot

I see you asking for beer money, do you mean a donation? I will do this if I get the required information to make life easier for me. I am not big into saving documents but it would be useful to access same on either laptop or desktop computer please advise me how I can do this?

This is not a LO-specific question.

  • You can store your document on a USB stick and carry it from one computer to the other. Make copies to secure your data. Pay special attention to your stick management to avoid forking the doc on different files you’d have a hard time maintaining in sync.

  • You can manage to have the document on a server provided you have network access to it from everywhere your laptop may be. For example, your desktop PC may be this server or you store the file in the Cloud.

In any case, you need a backup policy to cope with all possible faults and failures. Whenever you create two copies of a document, you bump into a consistency problem: always work on a single copy and mark clearly the other one as a backup. If you don’t follow a strict discipline, you’ll end up in an unmanageable mess with final portion of your document in both copies.

Thanks for the storage advice, will plan how best to implement a sensible process.