Can Libre Office open old MS Works wdb files?

I am hoping that Libre Office can open MS Works database (wdb) files. I am using Microsoft Works version 4.5.

If so, how would I do it please? I did manage to save my Microsoft files as a dbase (two versions were available) and could open it but it wasn’t in a report form and was unusable unless I can figure out how to change it to a report form.

I currently have Windows 8 installed and am planning to go to Windows 8.1 later.

There was a thread in another forum (on OpenOffice but surely also covering LibO) about the question. As MS Works won’t have changed since 2012 the postings should be still applicable. (I personally never used Works for Windows.)

If you have Works still installed on your PC try to save the .wdb file from works in a known filetype like .xls, .csv. This you can load then into LO. Otherwise try the link from @Lupp or make a Google search “.wdb” to find a converter.

LO can also open .dbf (dBase) files under Calc. Might work too.

Just for note, now LibreOffice 4.3 also tries to open wdb files in Calc, ie. it tries to retrieve the main database in a wdb file and to create a spreadsheet (each row representing a record and each column a field) but it does not try to retrieve any forms, reports, filters, sort functions, … (so I am not sure that this is what Brian searches).